Wham bam thank you lamb...

Pretty excited today to have completed my first crafty thing in quite a while. The 'wham bam thank you lamb' neck warmer. You can find the pattern on Ravelry, here. So very easy- it's a great first time project thats more interesting than a plain scarf. Great for sleep deprived time poor mama's too :)
I'm loving it's warm cosiness, but I'm not sure about the wool I used- it looks a lot like it was spun from the stuff you pull out of the washing machine filter (I got it from a garage sale!), so I might have to give it another go in a yummy warm colour. Maybe mustard, who is my current boyfriend.

Yay, for finishing stuff! Hope you finished something fabulous today too :)


  1. Oh i'm partial to mustard, mmmm, hello!! Looks amazing, love your work, love Posie


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