Bathroom designing sucks balls.

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Today has been all about the bathroom design. We are trying to finish a slab plan to get a quote from a concreter, but we can't do an accurate slab plan without an accurate plumbing plan and to do an accurate plumbing plan we need know exactly which, bath, shower, toilet, taps etc we are using and exactly where they are placed. Do you have any idea how much there is to choose from? Oh my god.. how are we meant to know at this stage?  And it's so frustrating that you can't do anything without completing like a billion other things first.  As we are building strawbale, there all sorts of limitations on how you can do your bathroom. No plumbing can come through the external strawbale walls for example, and we need to protect our render, and our concrete from water damage. There are so many things that we hadn't even thought of. Grrr... I fear this planning stage is all going to take so much longer than we thought.

So why are we doing this again? Please, because today I need to be reminded. Why are we not just regular folk who pick a cheaply built house from the catalogue of a project builder? Hmmm... I'll have that that and that please, and hello, a couple of months later it's built. Easy. No, no, we always do things the hard way (see handmade wedding...). 

But I guess that's who we are. We want our home to be unique. We want it to be as totally environmentally friendly as possible. Once we move in we want to live without bills. We want our home to function in a way that suits our families needs. We want to it to work with the aspect of the block, for it to be designed perfectly for our own unique set of environmental factors. Yes, okay deep breath, we are doing the right thing. Nothing worth doing is ever easy right?

Yes, thank you blog, I feel better. Back to the bathtubs.


  1. It's so going to be worth it all when your soaking in the tub looking around at your perfect bathroom.

  2. True that. If it is perfect that is... lol.


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