Strawbale House Update..

The sun is out and with it comes my other personality, the optimistic, energetic, ready for anything one. 
This other me has been has been busy digging holes and drawing plans. Planting trees and choosing taps. Sewing, cooking, organising, playing and generally making things happen. Yay.

On Sunday I managed to organise the whole family so that I could get a couple of hours down at the block planting. I started a native windbreak to the south-west and planted a special plum tree that no.1 chose, next to where the children's play equipment will be built. I had planned to plant no.2's & no.3's placenta trees (a fig and a cherry) but we ran out of time. I think we will make a special ceremony of it this coming weekend instead.

This other me is the one we need to get this house project happening. We really want / need to start building before the end of the year and we still have so much to do. We are however making much progress. Bathroom decisions have been made. Concrete polishing techniques have been agreed on. Mr Lovely, who is always optimistic and energetic has been busy drawing up slab plans, electrical plans, plumbing plans and applying for permits. He has found people to custom make our double glazed windows, organised quotes for roof trusses and roofing. He's even found the concrete drain pipe offcut for the kids bath (yes, I convinced him!) for free. Yes free. We just have to work out how to get it here. Minor issue.

I'm loving all the problem solving that goes with this project, applying our selves to the question and finding an innovative solution. If we can keep going at this pace we will be on track to living in our toasty warm strawbale house before next winter. 

I can see the pieces falling into place now and it's exciting. Don't you just love it when a plan comes together?


  1. So looking forward to your build, love Posie


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