So guess what? I had my first ever exhibition (not solo, of course, but part of a group) and I even SOLD STUFF! Amazing right? I'm seriously very completely and utterly stoked. I'm super stoked because the thing that I've found that I love, that makes my heart sing, that makes time irrelevant can be quantified. Not in terms of money, but in terms of love. People loved these things enough to give them a home, and that, is a beautiful thing. I am happy with that. Except that vase in the top right of the picture that my friend (ex friend?) said looks like a penis. No one loved that one enough. 

Yo, when I put that on instagram how come no one told me it looked like a penis? Anyway. 

Back to the exhibition. Oh yes, it was awesome. It was with those Clayspace peeps who introduced me to wood firing, detailed in previous posts. They are such a stellar group of human beings and without them and their amazing desire to share their love of creating with clay I wouldn't have found this thing I'm digging ('scuse the pun) so much.

So to give something back I inspired and helped them to create this...
The Clayspace Pozible Campaign

If you enjoy the video, please click the link and pledge to this great project :)


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