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It's very wet and cold here today. Perfect weather for working with yummy, soft and warm alpaca wool. So I'm getting stuck into a new collection of scarves. This one is swiper the fox (from Dora the Explorer). Anytime something goes missing around here, wee Charlie will explain, it must have been swiper.

I think he looks rather sweet and innocent here though, I captured his good side ;)


  1. I love this :) I wonder if you would notice if I adopted him. After all, it must have been swiper. Ahem.

  2. Oh gorgeous!! Very foxy. I'm cold & wet too here in Canberra, perfect day for baking a pudding, love Posie

  3. i love love!
    swiper no swiping!
    wherevdid alpaca come from? was it a blanket?

  4. He looks very cute - well done and yes I think that you have caught his good side.


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