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It's all lookin a bit polka-dotty!
I have more jumper re-fashioning happening, this time into cushions. 
A parcel all wrapped up and ready to post to my lovely giveaway winner.
And some fabric ready to cut the pattern for this fox lamp for little Otis. I need some 'stiffy' though. Does anyone know of an equivalent available in Australia? I asked at Spotlight, but once again there is no bloody point asking them anything because they apparently know nothing. Ning nongs.

Anyway, can't wait to see what everyone else is up to :)


  1. Sorry i know nothing about knitting...our spot light ladies in burnie know EVERYTHING i learn from them all the time...but the other stores in tassie can be classed in the ning-nong criteria.

  2. Love this! I keep wanting to make something out of old jumpers but i can never seem to find the right kind of jumpers at the op shop :( Must keep hunting... x

  3. he he he !! Ning nongs! Oh bless 'em they really are x

  4. Ugh Spotlight... Don't even get me started!! I thought it was just my local one... Obviously not! Oh the frustration!


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