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Sometime in the wee hours of this morning, half asleep with a milky baby snoozing by my side, I hit on the idea of creating a house trousseau. There are so many things I want to make for the house (we are building a straw bale house), I thought why not start now and stash everything away in a special box, to be opened and used when we move in. So, I've started the first project, knitting some cushion covers on big needles with chunky wool (above) and I'm creating a list of things I can start to make. Imagine how lovely it  would be to live in a house we've designed and built ourselves, filled with lovely things we've made ourselves?

I'm thinking I can probably make:
Rugs / throws- I've just orders some 20mm, 100cm circular needles and some beautiful chunky Rowan wool to knit a throw for our bed, and if it works out I will do one for the window seat in the lounge.
Bath mats- I'm thinking I can knit these from long strips of cotton jersey? 
Knitted wash cloths.
Curtains- I'm thinking wool linen and rug curtains.
Cushions- knitted, printed and stitched.
Light fittings- I have a couple of old industrial shades I want to paint and I want to make these knitted covers and these mason jar lights. I also like this glass bubble chandelier.
Bedding- I'm considering sewing a quilt cover for our bed as I can't find any I even remotely like.
What else could I make? Maybe I could print some nice linen tea towels?
Oooh what about some pottery, I'd like to give that a go....

Mr lovely is building a recycled wood dining table, a new bed for us, bunks for the boys, a screen for the bathroom, two heavy recycled wood front doors fauxdenza to house the records and record players.

Geez, we have our work cut out for us!

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  1. Crochet a doily milk jug cover. Hmm, you need something for the Mr, how about a coffee mug warmer thingy. Maybe make some curtain tabs (for holding the curtain back). A wind chime for near the front door. Hmmm... so many things to make - will you have enough time & still find time to build the house!

  2. Wow! you sure do have more ideas than time!


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