My Creative Space...

A tiny house, for tiny people.

Tiny alpaca wool squares, for quilting.

And tiny feet, for kissing....

xx t


  1. Beautiful! Looks great with the bunting :)

  2. I love your doll's house. The wallpaper! Do you give tiny kisses on those sweet feet?

  3. Everything looks good with bunting no?

    No tiny kisses here, just big sloppy ones. they make him laugh xx

  4. I am ever so green with envy over that doll's house...awesome!

  5. That dolls house looks amazing!
    And I am a huge fan of tiny feet :)
    Love your stuff xx

  6. Oh, and wow! I just saw in your sidebar that you are building a strawbale house?! My parents are just completing plans for theirs, I'd love to see pictures of yours when it's complete!

  7. Oooh, and I just became your 100th follower :)

  8. i love your tiny house for tiny people! they have the best taste in wallpaper. :)

  9. What a fabulous doll's house! Did you make it or buy it? Have just found your blog via Our Creative Spaces so will now enjoy looking through old posts.

  10. All beautiful tiny things...

    Love that doll house and those Alpaca wool squares.
    And babies feet are the cutest things ever...


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