is gonna be awesome. 

Mr Lovely has been listening to Anthony Robbins a lot lately (he's in management, what can I say) and it's finding it's way into our home. This mornings breakfast table was like a motivational seminar in full swing. He had the kids getting excited about their day, doing high fives and asking (cue highly excited fast talkin voice..) 'who's gonna have an awesome day? Raise your hand! Yeah!'

So to honour my dear beautiful husband and his fanatical optimism (which sadly does not come naturally to me), I have decided to dub today, Wednesday, the day of Awesome. I'm going to use the power of positive to unslump my winter self.

So today, is going to be awesome. Why? 

Well, one of my dearest and best friends who lives the incredible life of  gypsy galavanting around the world, learning and dancing, is coming to visit. She's a tribal belly dancer. Here she is, gorgeous thing... 

and here is her fabulous website.

And for me, there is truly nothing nicer than sipping cups of tea with a dear friend. Am I right? Especially one as interesting this :)

Who's gonna have an awesome day?? Raise your hands!


  1. I am LOVING that teapot!!
    (And yes, I am also lacking in that aspect of motivational awesomeness...)
    (beth - I am struggling with signing-in...)


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