3 Months.

Hey, check me out, I'm three months old now! The coles vege scales say I weigh 6.7 kilos- but everybody says I'm looking older than my age. Hey, what can I say, I love boobies! I still love my vibrating bouncy chair, but now I'm trying to turn into a human catapult. I still love laying by the fire and I'm not a huge fan of going out. I heard Mum's friend say that this is because I am a Taurus Cat (whatever that means...) and my mum's gonna have a hard time getting me to leave the house, but I'm thinkin it might just be because it's bloody freezing. I have graduated from Oty Scroaty to Oty-wan Kenobi, I definitely like this better. I love it when my sister sings to me but not when she tries to lick me. My brother likes to spend ages telling me about his lego which is kinda cool at first, but then I'm like dude, what exactly is lego?
Oh and I love my Mum. She's awesome. Enough said.


  1. He is so gorgeous!!! Big eyed and edible! Love those supermarket scales - it's the only way to weigh!
    - Beth

  2. I wouldn't want to go outside in this cold weather either!


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