for this beautiful town we live in, and the wonderful people we share it with...

The community wind farm, I feel so proud and inspired every time I see you..

The beautiful old buildings...

The country style...

The places to explore...

And I'm also grateful for the fantabulous Instagram, you do to photos what butter does to food, and I thank you.

More of the Gratitude please.


  1. Yay, when i mentioned you on my blog today (hello everyone, i'm the lucky giveaway winner) i mentioned you were yet another lovely blogger from Daylesfod, so how timely you showcased more of your beautiful town. Thanks again, love Posie

  2. Loving this post, I have a sneaky suspicion that I am going to be whisked to your part of the world for my b'day next weekend. This has just made me even more excited.
    Happy weekend, Dee x


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