A letter to Monday...

Dear Monday,
Though I normally find you quite dull and somewhat repulsive, today I am trying really hard to like you.
 I have decided this Monday is going to be awesome because:
a) Kids 1 & 2 are at their respective educational institutions and kid 3 is his smiley old sleepy self.
b) I don't have to do any housework. We now have a cleaner again who helped do it all on Friday, yay!
c) I am wearing my awesome cowboy boots I got for $20- at the Sunday Market.
d) I have started knitting this pretty honey cowl in a lovely mustard (my boyfriend) coloured wool I got on sale for $2- a ball and I'm going to get lots of knitting & tea drinking done in front of the fire. 
e) Our best Daylesford friends are back from galavanting in Europe, so that means spring is on it's way and sunny fun times are just around the corner.
f) I have a million and one half finished craft projects lying around the house and today I am going to finish at least one of them! Now that I have my list (thank you Mr Management) I can achieve this!
g) Tonight I am going to get Mr lovely to draw the winner of my wee giveaway, and that's exciting.
h) Today I am finally going to start sorting through the thousands of photos from our wedding and pick some out to share with you all and of course some to print and share with the family.
i) Mr Lovely bought me 1/2 a kilo of baklava when he went to Melbourne.
and j) The sun is going to come out (really it is!) and I'm going to go out into the garden and prune all of the fruit trees, ready for a blossomy onslaught.

Yes Monday, you are going to be just lovely and don't you dare think otherwise.

Love Tania xx


  1. it's amazing what a little sunshine can for us isn't it ???
    Sounds like a lovely productive Monday......and I can't wait to see those wedding photos xx

  2. I hope your Monday did indeed turn out to be all that.
    Daylesford and knitting by the fire does seem like a zillion miles away from the NT. xx

  3. Well it was an awesome day. the sun did come out, and I got out in the vege patch. I started to prune the apple trees, but learnt pretty quickly that climbing said trees in cowboy boots was not a good idea. Cue return to the couch.


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