Whats happening?

I'm busy today making something very special for my bridesmaids.
Beautiful wonderful women they are, I wanted to find a very special way to formally ask them.
Hopefully it works out as planned.... as you can imagine I can't share too much just yet, but I will after they receive them. So stay tuned.

Bridal hairpiece by design stash
I'm also getting started on the invites, as I've mentioned before I'm very excited about these! 
I can't wait to share them with you, but again it must stay secret for now! Oh how boring you say, well good things come to those who wait!

paper poms from PomLove

What else... well I have the lovely Lisa of Lisoire candles has agreed to help me (us) make a stack of candles. I need pillar candles to go in all of the re-used glass jars and she normally does hers poured into glass, so she is researching and working out a plan as we speak. A weekend of candle making should be fun!

Cake topper by Melabo

Peeps have been ringing and emailing to thank us for the save the dates and engagement thank yous, which is just so lovely and so exciting! Thank you for your enthusiasm and offers of help!

recycled tin brooch by HarrieteEstelBerman

I sent a call out to friends to save things like olive oil tins, jars & doilies... the goodies are starting to pour in and my collections are growing, so thank you! Keep em coming lovelies! Tomorrow (or maybe the next day...) I will endeavor to think about table design and how to!


  1. Gorgeous! I am getting married this year too and I am making almost everything! I am so excited! If you are interested, I make hair accessories...

    Good luck with your wedding plans!



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