It's list time!

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I'm a list maker are you?
I compulsively write lists about anything and everything. They can be found all over the house, in the car, and in the bottom of my handbag with the soggy old banana skins and stray sultanas. 
It's bit of a joke really, all this list writing, because I very rarely see a list through. It is however a good way to sort through the plethora of crazy stuff floating around in my head.

So, the wedding challenge- I have basically not thought about a much since I embarked on this voyage so my head is full of ideas and half thought out plans. I've been obsessively devouring pictures and ideas from the array of amazing wedding blogs and websites out there and now my head is overflowing with images & possible (or some impossible?) projects.

It's all too much! So I need a list, probably several... do bare (bear?) with me.

Lets start from the beginning.

A preliminary list of jobs and ideas, in no particular order.

  • Celebrant- He's not Bob Down, but is apparently a good laugh... we have his name & number, we need to book him in.
  • Invites. I need to get to work on these as they are going to take ages.
  • Map for guests to find the wedding, hand drawn.
  • Compile a list of nearby accommodation.
  • Find an awesome local band that is good and willing to work in exchange for handmade hot water bottle covers or free land surveying. That'll be easy right?
  • Work out what to do about the marquee, can we really make one ourselves or are we totally insane?
  • Food. We know what we are having (It's a surprise!) but where are we getting it from? How much is it all going to cost? What do we need to do to prepare.
  • Design 'packaging' for the food. We have chosen something that requires no cutlery or crockery and can be wrapped in 100% recycled and biodegradable paper.
  • Cake / Dessert Table. What and who?
  • Photos, who's going to be the photographer?
  • Find an extra house in Glenlyon we can rent for our O.S guests.
  • Bridesmaids dresses & Bridesmaids goodies (I have special things planned).
  • Something for Escher to wear.
  • Flooring for the marquee.
  • Wine... local... organic.
  • Shoes / accessories.
  • Music 
  • Decide on a time to start proceedings and an order of events.
  • Decide on colours and decor for the three different areas.
  • Decor to make (needs a list of its own, or perhaps several). I need to work out which of the millions of ideas I like, I am actually going to do, then how am I going to do them.
  • Start organising the glasses, bottles, cans and jars we are collecting into labeled boxes.
  • Find a cool vintage caravan.
  • Rings- design, make.
  • Candles- I need to organise a candle making working bee- show of hands please.
Ah... that's a good start. I think I need a big cup of tea and Tim Tam now. Please do remind me of things I've not thought about. I haven't done this before you know!


    1. I, too, am planning my wedding in the "dottie angel" kind of way. I have been making mental lists, collecting whatever I can from thrift shops around town, and I have plans to start a wedding binder! My fiance thinks I shouldn't bother with this yet, because we haven't even set a date. He doesn't understand how much that will need to be done though. Maybe I should show him your list! :)

    2. Yay Brina! Maybe we can share some ideas. I agree that you need to start early. We have two children so there is no way I could leave it all to the last moment!

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    4. My brother, Trevor, and his wife planned their wedding in a week. They were supposed to get married January that year, and moved up the wedding because of Trevor's health. I could NEVER plan it that fast myself! I like to have everything very organized. I have a lot of ideas too.

    5. Just found your blog! Remember to do a Tim Tam Explosion with your hot tea!

      Have fun with your wedding!

    6. Elope! That's the best idea and nothing much to do either. I recommend it.


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