Antique heirlooms...

 Look at this gorgeous pile of antique linen I was given for the wedding on the weekend! Is not divine? It belonged to Adams grandmother, Evelyn Phelps. Unfortunately I never got to meet her... oh how I wish I had. Evelyn was English- very proper, by all accounts. She was big on etiquette and manners, loved the Queen and most interestingly for me she was an antique dealer! I would have adored her, I'm absolutely certain. We named our daughter after her (Charlie Evelyn) and she even chose to be born on her birthday!

Look at the amazing detail in this lace! I'm so glad that Adams Mum has been kind enough to share these heirlooms with us and they fit so perfectly with our challenge. Evelyns presence will be felt in so many areas of our wedding...

The engagement ring Adam gave to me was hers, given to her by her husband, and even then it was already antique. It's so so perfect and so so special. I love it more than words can say.

There is also this beautiful antique lace & silk slip. It's Victorian I believe and being so old is in need of some tlc, but hopefully I can mend and alter it to wear under my vintage wedding dress.

This Victorian child's dress will hopefully (if it fits then!) be Charlies dress for the big day. I will make a coloured slip to add underneath to add a bit of fun for her and a pretty brooch to cover a wee mark on the chest.


The craftsmanship and detail is truly amazing and it's in beautiful condition for it's age.
 I think wee Miss Charlie is a lucky Girl indeed!


Thank you to my wonderful soon to be mother in law for these truly magical items!


  1. I've just found your blog and will be following your wedding adventure with interest. We had a small, simple family wedding in 2007 and it's still the best we've ever been to - and the best a lot of our family have been to, we've been told. My dress cost under £25, handmade and embroidered by my mom. We arranged all the flowers in reclaimed silver teapots and I made all the invites, place names, thank you cards and so on by hand. It made our day so much more special. And I'm sure yours will be even more so with all the effort you've already put into it. Good luck!

  2. You lucky thing, what a treasure trove xx

  3. Wow Kelly how fabulous! I love the tea pot idea. I'd love to see photos! My dress was $20 from a garage sale... but that's still to come!

  4. be still my heart! what beautiful treasures with sentimental value also xx

  5. My grandmother just gave me her garter she wore on her wedding I am so touched by her actions. I love all your heart felt gifts :)


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