Do it yourself!!

I'm a huge fan of doing it yourself (obviously or I wouldn't be here writing this blog). Not only for weddings though, it could be anything at all, and isn't there is just so much satisfaction in looking at something and saying 'ya know what, I could make that', then thinking about how to do it and doing it?

Well if you agree, you should check out this most excellent blog- iDiY.
It's filled with inspiration and ideas, and links to amazing diy tutorials and free printable downloads.  

Awesome projects for weddings that anyone could do. Like...

Like this gorgeous striped wedding suite, available in several colours, here

 These gorgeous download and print invite templates here.

Not just for weddings either- there are so many great things. Like...

 Like this cute free poster download here.

these great customisable tags and labels here
which you could use for anything really. Preserves, gift tags, labels...

There is also loads of great links to free illustrations, fonts, flourishes and vintage pictures you can use in your projects, whatever they might be. Very handy I say.

So go check it out and get doing-it-yourself! Hooray! Yipee! Yeehaa!


  1. Hello! Oh why didn't I find your lovely site whilst you were still planning your wedding :( Oh well, I'm glad I'm here now. It is indeed lovely.

  2. Emily, I have only just begun to plan, so you are right on time! I checked out your blogs and books... fabulous!


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