Wedding inspiration..

It's a year away I know, but things are all about wedding planning around here!
I've cleared most of my usual commitments (except the children, the garden, the animals and personal craft projects!) to make way for a year of planning and crafting for the big day.


So just a warning, my blog is likely to include lots of wedding stuff from now on. My visual diary of ideas and inspirations. as you can see i finally found a use for one of those patterns I blogged about here.

Please don't be put off if you don't like weddings, it's not going to be traditional, soppy, cheesy or frou-frou.

Everything, hopefully down to the marquee (which we are planning to make from recycled truck tarpaulins), will be handmade, vintage or recycled. It's going to be a hands on, team effort and it will include lots of amazing local Daylesford produce and crafts people.

Our mission is to create a wildly fun and beautiful wedding, that is as environmentally gentle as possible, all within a very modest budget.  So stay tuned!


Included in this post are just a few of the gorgeous images I have been inspired by so far, there are so many more to come!


  1. Hey, I'm looking forward to seeing heaps of wedding inspiration on your blog! I love your idea of using lots of vintage and handmade, and local people/resources. What a beautiful wedding it will be. Gorgeous inspiration shots too. We missed you at craft night by the way! xo

  2. Like Beck, I too look forward to seeing lots of wedding-y goodness! There is one amazing website I drool over I think it is... amazing campervan type weddings and spectacular thrifted glass collections on guest tables. *sigh*

  3. There will definitely be plenty of wedding goodness to come! It's so awesome daydreaming about it and filling my head with beautiful images of creative weddings- it's like living in a fairytale daydream!


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