And so it begins...

Okay! I now have a new blog devoted to the planning and creating of this handmade & vintage wedding. Yay! I have also spent the whole weekend talking about all of the awesome things I'm going to do. Yay! Then, I spent what felt like a whole night last night lying awake wondering how the hell I'm going to do actually it all and trying not to hyperventilate. Boo!
In my head I'm have going through the things I think we will need for the wedding, and allocating each one label- buy it vintage, hand make it, borrow it, rent it.... 

Marquee- rent.
Decor- hand make.
Lights- borrow.
Dress- vintage.
Shoes- vintage.
Table runners- hand make.
Flower vases- vintage.
Candle Holders / Lanterns- Glass Jars- vintage & hand make.
Then I got to candles... hmmm... make them? Oh my god, I have to make hundreds of candles! EEEk! Can I do that?

 This morning however I'm feeling much more optimistic... I am totally up for making hundreds of candles. Why not? I'm sure it's not impossible... right? And I might learn a thing or two along the way. Like how to make candles for example... lol! 

Minor freak out over, I'm back to imagining lovely things.

Like this beautiful vintage dress on etsy.

Similar to this Kenneth Pool dress via Martha Stewart Weddings, but at only $125- an absolute steal!

And this absolutely divine photo. ( I can't remember where I found it, sorry! Anyone know?)
So cute, so simple, so romantic. I just love it. 

And this incredible suitcase arrangement by Hatch Creative Studio.

Tomorrow.... the venue.


  1. hello... saw your link on dottie angel:) i look forward to seeing how things work out for you. good luck!!

  2. Oh my goodness, this is so exciting! I am sooooo there with you making 1000's of candles. Just name the date and let the waxing begin.

  3. Yay Kate! A good old fashioned wax off!


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