The venue!

 I guess the venue would have to be one of the most important decisions you make when you are planning a wedding. Right?
We knew that we wanted to 'create' our wedding and therefore would need somewhere with a lot of flexibility. It was also really important to us that there wouldn't be a curfew. So many people have said to us that their wedding night went so fast. We wanted it to be outdoors. We really wanted somewhere where those who chose to could camp out.
The lovely Kate from Foxs Lane suggested using a scout camp, like they did for their wedding.
Such a fantastic idea, because they have toilets, a kitchen, showers, camping area's and often lots of tables and chairs etc.

We have been so lucky to find the most gorgeous scout camp, called Noonameena, ten minutes from our house in a gorgeous area. It has two perfect, very rustic, but absolutely perfect buildings we can use. One for the pre-ceremony gathering and one for the ceremony. I've not shown you any photos though because I want it to be a gorgeous surprise for our guests! You will have to wait to see it all cleaned and decorated, but let me say it really could not be any more perfect. Quaint, romantic, rustic and beautiful!
It has a beautiful flat area with power, down near the river for camping and a large flat parade ground on the top of a hill, with a beautiful view, for the marquee. There we shall wine and dine and cut the rug!
It's a very cost effective venue. We have it for the whole weekend, with access all of the week before and potentially even earlier, including use of all the amenities and chattels for $400-. It may have been even cheaper, but that is what we thought we would be happy to offer!
So that's three separate areas we need to create decor for, clean and set up! Wow....

So yesterday, we took the family down there and tried to explain our vision. Much to our delight, they seem to be on board! They probably think I'm slightly crazy, but they were very supportive and had lots of great ideas. Thank you family!


  1. Despite not wanting to tie the knot myself, I love me some wedding plans LOL I look forward to following your exciting project! Have subbed :)

  2. Tania Lulah! LOL! I LOVE the idea and the blog, but I do remember someone once telling me that bloggers have too much time on their hands and need to get a life?! Obviously no-one we know ;) Have fun, Clel xxooxx
    PS. Those dresses are AMAZING xx

  3. I too recall that comment... people should probably refrain from commenting on things they know naught about!


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