If this vans a rockin...

I really really really really want a vintage caravan or a gorgeous gypsy truck to spend our first night of marriage in.

There are loads of gypsy trucks in New Zealand. Some of them are amazing, with beautiful ornate woodwork, stained glass windows and cute little balconies. We had a particularly lovely one in our backyard at one stage.

Anyone know where I could find something here?


  1. YES! Cate told me about a woman up near-ish Daylesford whose husband makes them and they rent them out too. Ummmm, her name? Hmmmm. She's a homeschooler I think. She has a website that also sells, like, feather doonas or something, that also links to the housetrucks. Kaje is also obsessed with them, apparently we're travelling around Aus in one, one day. Ask Cate for her name! xx

  2. Hi I have just discovered you great blog, good for you with the wedding, its such a great idea and I am looking foward to seeing your updates
    Best wishes
    Sue x

  3. There is a fabulous book out with amazing caravans in it at the moment. Have you seen it? Its amazing. xxx Love your new blog by the way.

  4. I just had a look at it on Amazon. It looks great. I've also just spent eons looking at vintage caravans on the trading post... like I need another project! Aaaarrggghhh...

  5. What a romantic idea! I love gypsy caravans and when I was little I wanted to be a gypsy and travel around the country in a caravan pulled by a horse. Good luck in your search

  6. What is the name of the fabulous book? My fam is building a gypsy cart, and I would love to be inspired! Your blog is so sweet!

  7. Oh I just adore vintage vans...
    The problem is I can only find ones that need "major" repairs...
    I have two now...and they are looking rather sad at the moment...lol...

  8. Hi! I just discovered your blog via Dottie Angel. I am also planning a wedding in Massachusetts for Fall 2011, and I'm interested in crafting/ thriftiness as well. Just wanted to say I appreciate this blog and look forward to following it, maybe sharing ideas along the way!

  9. guerillaartmomma, the book is called My cool caravan, they have a website here:


    Welcome Shannon, how exciting! I look forward to hearing about your plans :)


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