Make your own... Yoghurt.

Did you know you can make yoghurt in a thermos or a polystyrene container or a small esky?
You don't actually need a fancy yoghurt maker, and it's so easy! Plus it's cheaper and way better for our environment. This is how I do it, though there are may different recipes / methods.

You will need:
Milk- 1litre. Can be cow, sheep or goat.
Easyo yoghurt starter culture from the supermarket (I use the greek yoghurt one).
A thermos, small esky or polystyrene box with lid. If using an esky or box you will need a 1 litre glass jar with a lid.

If using a thermos heat the milk to 48 degrees using a thermometer. Mix in the 2 dessert spoons of the yoghurt starter making sure all the lumps are gone. Pour into a thermos which has been well cleaned & pre-heated with boiling water. Wrap in a towel and leave over night- in the morning fresh yummy yoghurt!

If using an esky or similar half fill your glass jar with milk, add 2 dessert spoons of the yoghurt starter (not the whole sachet as the packet says!) and mix well. Top up with the rest of the milk. Place jar with lid on in the esky. Almost fill with hot water from the tap and top up with boiling water to bring teh temperature up to 50 degrees. Place lid on and n 1 hours time top up again with boiling water to bring it up to 50 again. Leave over night. Easy.

If you want your yoghurt thicker you can also add a couple of spoons of milk powder. You could also use 2 spoons of fresh yoghurt as a starter- just be sure it's a good one with the right cultures. I find this much easier though and when you only use 2 spoons instead a whole packet it's quite cost effective and basically fool proof.

Yummy, easy & good for both you & the environment!


  1. YUUMMM!! Thanks so much for sharing - it sounds too easy! I must give this a try :)

  2. Your yogurt looks so yummy, I make it in large amounts as I am mommma to 8, but I just pop it on our radiator at night, which is heated by an outdoor woodstove and, viola! yogurt in the morning!


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