Challenger of the utmost kind...

Sometimes out there in blogland you stumble across something that really speaks to you. It's timely and moving, beautiful and thought provoking- it might be just what you need in that moment.

 This is what happened when I came across the beautiful blog of Dottie Angel.
Apart from being gorgeous and full of wonderful things (including the photos above) Dottie Angel has started a movement of sorts, a challenge of the utmost kind.

I love a challenge. I thrive on challenge! I thought to myself... I'm in! So for 365 days starting today I swear I will only buy secondhand or handmade for my wardrobe and for my home. Sounds fairly easy right? I mean most of the stuff I purchase already fits into those categories. Well we better step it up a notch...

Included in my personal challenge will be my wedding!
Well our wedding... we vow that everything from this moment on for our wedding will be either second-hand or handmade. EVERYTHING. Invites, decor, dress, flowers, cups, plates, saucers... everything.
It's going to be a super challenge of the utmost kind and I'm going to blog about the adventure right here.

Isn't he a wonderful man he is to agree to this challenge.. thank you Adam.

Why would I want to do this?
Well firstly, weddings are an environmental disaster. Check it..
 -The average wedding produces 63 tons of CO2 and 400-600 pounds of trash. With 2.5 million weddings a year in the United States alone, the impact is huge. I want no part in that!

Secondly, cost:
-The average wedding costs almost $40,000 and weddings are a $60+ billion industry. 
Apart from that seeming to me like a hideous waste..
Adam and I are saving to buy a small acreage here in the pretty country town of Daylesford. On that land we will build the dream house we are designing (made from strawbale) and we will grow veges and milk goats be sustainable and self sufficient. (sigh...) 

$40,000 would buy a lot of strawbales! 

But most of all, I want to get creative. I love that instead of popping out to buy something instantly, every detail will require thought, creativity, inspiration and effort. The outcome has to be something amazing. It will also require us to involve our wonderful friends and family, use their skills and have them feel part of the process and share in the joy of what we create.

So I do hope you will join me on this adventure!

(This post has been repeated on the my new blog, which is devoted to the challenge!)


  1. Ooh I adore her blog too and love checking in on her progress. Of course I never buy anything new either- except for SHOES!!!!! Cannot help myself- my God have you seen Vivienne Westwood's designs for Melissa? Hello Layby.
    Good point about weddings, I had to have a little snivel about what an average wedding costs, I could travel on that for 10 years. xxx

  2. i am so excited about your wedding... in my head i'm planning all the little details for you!!! it has been 20 years this august since i walked down the aisle and i can't think of anything more wonderful then making your special day handcrafted and vintage...
    i've popped you on my sidebar and also i've made a special button so my readers can follow you easily...
    thank you for being such an inspiration to me :)

  3. What an amazing challenge. I am really looking forward to following your progress with this
    Take care


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