Things are coming along nicely thank you very much.... (+ late flea market finds!)

We are having so much fun organising this wedding. So much fun! Needing to think outside the square to make things happen has so far been inspiring and interesting, and neither a burden or an altogether difficult task. Friends and locals have been so helpful and generous it's been very heartwarming indeed.

Yesterday we went out for breakfast and purely by chance discovered that the lovely man making our coffees was in fact our marriage celebrant! We had only talked to him by phone, so had no idea it was him. We wouldn't have known at all, except Adam asked him about who had made the amazing sausages he'd just eaten for breakfast, and he wrote down the producers name on his business card. It was a beautiful meeting and he was utterly adorable as was his gorgeous newly wed wife. I just love living in a small community where moments like that are possible.

On Friday I received wedding shoes number two in the post and they are absolutely divine and fit perfectly. They are the perfect height, with a nice sturdy non wobbly heel! Love, love, love them. So glad I purchased both pairs! Wooohoo!

At the Sunday market I got some great stuff for the wedding... I purchased a stash of gorgeous vintage hankies I'm going to stitch into bunting to hang in the trees outside. I think they will look beautiful flapping in the warm Autumn breeze :) I also got a bunch of cute vintage souvenir teaspoons for the tea and coffee table, the great coloured glass vase (above) for $2- and the ceramic wedding cake topper which I will attempt to use for a Katie Runnels style assemblage.

We also got two Polaroid Spectra cameras, the beautiful wide format Polaroids, for $15-. So we now have three Polaroids to use at the wedding, for a total of $30-. Yay! The film being so crazy expensive, we really needed to get the cameras cheap. We absolutely love Polaroids, so they are definite must have for us.

Photo credit- Impossible Project

We had our lovely cousins staying out here this weekend too and it's been so nice discussing our plans with them while eating curry and drinking mulled wine. Celebrating their wonderful news that they will bringing a wee baby to our wedding (she is 12 weeks pregnant!) just put the icing on the cake! 

We also spent some time looking at land, which always makes us happy and excited... our strawbale home building dream sustains us and it was so inspiring and exciting to talk to our strwabale gurus and look around some land with them. It was a perfect weekend really, imagining lovely things :)

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  1. WOW! they are some awesome finds! The hankies and the spoons...fantastic! All the best for your up coming wedding..AND finding everything second hand! LOVE IT!!!

  2. It sounds like you're wedding will be an amazing day! You must be so chuffed with all those little moments and finds coming together perfectly - meeting your celebrant, finding more polaroid cameras... and the hankies for bunting is a great idea! Thanks for sharing!! : )


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