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I'm sitting here staring at collections of things for the wedding. I have a suitcase full of doilies & lace and vintage tablecloths to be stitched into table runners and bunting. Problem is I can't seem to get past the collecting stage and the sitting and staring stage. Though it appears I have now moved onto the procrastinate on the computer stage. I'm not sure that's progress though.

I'm also enjoying staring at my growing tin collection- not particularly creative, I know, but it will be when I put flowers in them on the big day. Something like this...

Pretty don't you think?

I think maybe it's too cold to be creative today. Perhaps I'll make a cup of tea and read my book instead? I'm on the last in the Millennium Trilogy, and Adam can't wait until I'm finished- he says he's a book widow. Te he he!

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  1. Book widow! that's funny. I love the photo of the tins, it looks pretty creative to me! It's so cold today, I made myself walk the lake twice but there was a tiny bit of sun then. Hope you are keeping warm and enjoying the last bit of your book xo

  2. Is it winter in Australia? Its supposed to be spring, summer in a few days, here in the USA. Unfortunately, for mid June the weather is wet and chilly. (I live in the Pacific Northwest. In Oregon, south of dottie angel, actually.)

    I think your tins are gorgeous! What a great idea. They'll look so pretty full of flowers!


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