Cool Caravan Breakthrough...

I feel as though I am completely obsessed with cool caravans right now. I dream about them at night! 
And right now I am so excited to have had a breakthrough in my search for a vintage van for the wedding. I have just gotten in contact with a lady who lives very nearby and owns this gorgeous little 50's bondwood caravan!

Isn't it cute? A bit of decorating and I think it could look very sweet indeed. A bit of bunting and some cute outdoor furniture perhaps?

Don't you love the vinyl on the seats? I may have few more leads to follow up as well, so I will wait and see what that turns up before making any decisions. Maybe we could have several vintage caravans for the whole bridal party? Te he he.

I've also been looking on Ebay as I would so dearly love to buy one of my very own and make it exactly how I want it. 
I found this amazing Airstream caravan for sale in Queensland.

Of course I've lusted after one of these since seeing Dottie Angels beauty. I didn't think I would see them in Australia though. Pity I don't have $20k to spend on it! If you do, or you are curious you can see more here. Oh, how I would love to see this sitting in the back yard...

The guy who is selling this led me to another Airstream he restored for, wait for it, Jimmy Barnes!

How freakin cool is that? I have new found respect for Barnesy now! I wonder if he'd let me borrow it for the wedding?


  1. I haven't commented for ages but I have been reading! Loving your progress and the ideas :-) How cool are those vans...makes me want one too but at that price I had better stay away :-)

  2. Mmmmm. You might want to check out my lovely most favourite possession...
    The last trip we did was to Jubilee Lake in Daylesford....
    Say hi to Adam for me

  3. Great caravan Beth! I'm very jealous indeed!! I'd love to see more pics of the inside.

  4. My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!



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