Sweet Little Bridesmaids Gift

Inspired by this lovely idea and fantastic tutorial, this is one of the necklaces I made for my lovely bridesmaids. Instead of a thank you, I used it as a formal way of asking them to be my bridesmaids. I really wanted something that they would get totally unexpectedly in the post and just get a lovely little sweet surprise to make them smile. I think it worked?

The vintage lockets & swallows came from Etsy and the chain, links and clasps were all left overs from my previous life as a jeweller. I made little cardboard envelope/boxes out of the inner roll from some wrapping paper, which I decorated with some washi tape & tied up with some butchers twine. I neglected to take a photo of these before I posted them however! I'm really loving the way this challenge is inspiring me to use what I have a be really creative in my recycling and re-using!

Just goes to show something meaningful, sweet and pretty does not have to cost the earth :)


  1. What a lovely gift - so much meaning to it - wonderful!!!!

    Kerry xxxx

  2. What a wonderful keepsake and reminder of their time of being a bridesmaid...

    BTW have just discovered your wonderful blog via Dottie Angel. I think it's brilliant what you are doing...when is your wedding?


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