Alpaca Wool Scarves

Brrrrrr.... let me tell you, it is COLD in Daylesford! Wowee!
It feels like it's going to snow any minute and I'm actually loving it! I'm loving the toasty fires, the yummy hearty winter food and I'm especially loving this super soft luxurious Alpaca wool. We are so lucky to have this amazing wool mill near by.

I made myself a scarf and so many people have asked about that I've made few for my shop. 

You can see more here :)
Stay warm chickens!


  1. I loved the scarf you were wearing the other night, I didn't get a close up look though. The style isvery distinctive & original, I'm also loving the stitching & detail too. You must get your mitts on some of the black-as-night alpaca, it's divine. Off to check out your shop! Is it snowing out there yet? xo

  2. I love your scarf!! It is freezing in Tassie too and your scarf would be heavenly :)

  3. I loved your scarf the other night too. The red buttons set it off perfectly. I love the way you and Beck make such unique things from the same product. I hope you have a warm and cozy weekend. X

  4. OOh the wool looks lovely, I love the birdy brooch. I'm just trying to knit lace but I'm literally tearing my hair out. I want my knitting to just knit itself. Is that too much to ask?


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