Chatham Girl- magical hats.

I just stumbled across these wonderful hats by Zara Carpenter, in her Etsy store, Chatham Girl.

Are they not utterly fantastic?

Beautiful images and the hats really appeal to me. When I saw the artists and writers she listed as her influences I could instantly see why I loved them so much. I've browsed lots of the 'wedding' hats/hair accessories on etsy, but nothing has jumped out at me as these have. People may think I'm a bit wacky, but I'd love to wear something this unique and fabulous on my wedding day. Maybe the fact that my dress cost $20- from a garage sale means I could splurge on amazing handmade hat?


  1. Those pictures are beautiful!

  2. WOW! Your dress was only $20! Good job!

    (I have a minuscule budget, and my friend from work gave me her wedding dress. I'm so happy I could cry. She's so amazing!)

  3. Brina, that is SO lovely of your friend to do that! How special :)


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