More on shoes....

I've been sick, and been looking after two sick kidlets for the past week. Bohoo. 
It's given me lots of time to look at and think about my favourite topic, shoes! In this case of course, wedding shoes.
So here a few I've been thinking about...


Snakeskin Mary-Janes- cute and would go quite well with my dress I think, but I'm not sure I like the heel or the thin strappyness of the straps.

Blue babydoll snakeskin pumps- I really like the shape of these, and the colour. My only concern is the height of the heel. I will be walking on grass and stones and stuff and I hate to twist my ankle or fall over when I'm meant to be being graceful and glamorous!
Or, plain simple, sweet Mary-Janes. Nice heel height, I love the wide strap and cute buckle. Would work well with my dress, which is cream- but are they too boring?


  1. I think the last ones...they are not boring and if they go with the dress, then they are the practical option. You don't want to be worrying about how and where you walk on your Big day

  2. I'm voting the Mary Janes. They look very granny, and I love the little buckle.

    I just found your blog--lovely!

  3. I like all three, especially the blue ones! I totally understand your concern with the heel height, though. The last pair is most practical while still being pretty cute. They kind of remind me of the types of shoes worn in the early 1900s, which I LOVE!

  4. Hmmm, I vote for the snake skin mary janes - they are just gorgeous. Wearing impractical heels is just one of those wedding day things, now, is it not?

  5. Thank you for your thoughts! I showed husband to be the shoes yesterday, I said I was tossing up between the blue pair and the last Mary-Janes and he said, wait for it.... just buy them both. See why I'm marrying him? So I have purchased both pairs- there may need to be a costume change at some stage. The higher blue ones first and the Mary-Janes for dancing?

  6. What a GREAT idea!! I can't believe I haven't thought about that! Now I too can buy an impractical pair of heels, wear them for the ceremony, and change into my flats when I get too achy!! Tell your hubby to be he has made my day!! :D


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