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Well hello Monday. I just had the most wonderful weekend with my little family. For the first time in a long long time we didn't rush around trying madly to get stuff done, we just ignored it all. And it was bliss. We lazed in bed while the kids watched t.v (we NEVER do that). Mental note: we should do that. We had tickle fights and played games. We spent hours adoring our wee baby boy and marveling over his utter awesomeness. The kids played nice for most of the weekend and we even got to go out by ourselves, as a couple, no kids in tow. Amazing. Gosh, it's so nice to start the week feeling happy and relaxed... I can't wait until we are the kind of people who don't need to be doing a million things all the time. Will that ever happen? Is being crazy busy all the time what being a grown up with three children means? Or is it just because we have a wee baby and are trying to build a house to boot?

Speaking of the house... building planing is in full swing. We are focused, we are productive (except yesterday, and maybe the day before...) I spent all of last week pricing appliances and bathroom fittings. This week- more pricing and quotes to get for water tanks and landscaping and solar systems etc etc.
Hopefully we can lodge our building permit this week... then when that's approved, we just need the bank to say YES and we are off and running! It's so close now...

In other news I failed at no poo. I pooed my hair on the weekend. I had to. It was making my new linen pillowcases brown and I'm sorry but that's just not right. I wanted it to work I really did, but I'm too lazy with my beauty regime. It was too much effort to try and get the balance right. Still rockin the honey face wash though, that is the BOMB I tells ya. Seriously, amazing.

Almost finished the longest craft project ever, the knitted bed throw. I tried to cast off while watching a movie and got halfway through before realising I didn't leave enough wool. Doh. So, as I don't know how to go back, I had to order another ball of wool and I have to wait for that then finish casting off. Meh. Anyway, it will be awesome when it is finally done. Then I can move on to the next item in the trousseau, woven bath mats. Anyone know how to do that by the way?


  1. Now that my girls are older I love sneaking off to our bedroom for a sneaky little nap. (apologies for using sneaky twice)

    I was doing the honey thing for a few days and gee did my skin feel nice. Then I got side-tracked and stopped. Must start doing it again x

  2. Have you read the idle parent Kylie? Great book, a must read for all mums and dads I think :) Yes, get back into the honey, its awesome and cheap! I've also been rubbing my mango skins on my face... mmmm.... fruity face mask....


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