The David Bromley Auction...

Well... we popped down to the viewing for the David Bromley auction yesterday, and all I can say is, can someone please lend me fifty grand? It was an absolute feast for the senses. Awonderland for wee Charlie. Beautiful art, furniture, vintage and antique curios, buses (how good would that be as a studio?), cars, sculpture and best of all a wonderful insight into the life of this great Australian artist and collector. It's a real loss to Daylesford I feel. I hope this is not a sad sign of the touristification (great word huh?) of our wee town. I remember visiting Daylesford when A Day on Earth was on the main street and it was a rambling rabbit warren of pure amazingness. Beautifully crafted, unique items carefully chosen and curated. Now our main street is sadly full of tacky gift shops and bad bakeries. No one creative can afford a shop in our main street. This is the only thing I don't like about our town. Anyway, rant over. I will be at that auction, and I will buy something, even if I have to sell my first born son. 


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