6 months...

Oh it's been a tough couple of weeks here. Sigh. No crafting, no creating, no blogging, no time to think. I have felt completely overwhelmed by all that needs to be done, by everyones needs and demands. There have been tears and fights and a lot of mess. But Mr Lovely and I have been in the trenches together, and that makes it all totally bearable, beautiful even.

And wee Otis is celebrating his half year birthday so it's time to cheer on up, make a cake, put on some music and dance around the house. Join me...

That strange expression on my face? That's because I happen to be walking on the beach at 5.30 in the morning with an awake baby, instead of snuggled up in bed with my husband. I remember when wandering the streets at that time was fun, te he he. Actually, we saw a few people who had obviously not been to bed, there was talk of searching for coconut trees...

But I digress, (yes I am in sleep dep exhaustion mode, my apologies) back to Otis. He's six months, boy has it flown by! He's huge! He's almost crawling, rolling both ways, eating and making a mess, all the usual stuff. And he's funny, really funny. He's always smiling and happy, calm and grounded, my little earth sign. I love you Oty Boty, happy half birthday!


  1. Just keep imagining lovely Tania, you'll get there...

    How nice to live so close to the beach that a 5.30 am stroll isn't a big deal (although I know you'd rather be in bed)


  2. Oh boy do I remember those days! I still often feel overwhelmed by everyone's needs...it's such a big job keeping the boat afloat. So lovely to read that you and your fella are working together to get through the tough times, that counts for so much. You are a great mum Tania, your kids are so lucky to have you. Just look at that gorgeous chubby, happy baby boy and you can see how much love & care & fun he is surrounded by. Take care lovely one xo

  3. That looks a bit like Half Moon Bay to me - or somewhere near there? Man - the trenches are hard. Sometimes you don't even realise how hard until you start glimpsing light on the other side. It sounds like things are easing up a bit...and oh! Otis is just beautiful - and could he be anymore CRIDDLE-ISH??!

    I have DB just practicing her first walking and staying up every night to do so...and she has to have immunisations in the morning. I need that like a hole in the head...


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