Charlie Style I

I never really had dolls as a little girl, I was pretty deprived. I had smurfs that were a hand me down from my sister, and a tree I pretended was a horse. So I'm really enjoying playing dress ups with my wee girl. I am very conscious of not wanting to put too much focus on her looks though, god knows little girls get enough of that from everywhere else hey? So I try to put a bit of a 'life education' spin on it. We talk about the different colours and styles and what works with what and why. Then we put on the B52's- Rock Lobster (Charlies favourite song) and dance.

Dress: Vintage 70's from a Kongwak Market
T-shirt: Big by Fiona Scanlan (Thrifted)
Shoes: Flea Market Find.
Cardigan: Seed
Socks: Borrowed from her big brother.

Playing along with 'small style' over here :)


  1. Isn't it fun to introduce your kids to old school music. Our kids love all the songs we grew up with and it's funny because alot of them have been remixed and are on the radio now.


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