Wednesday Finds... Shrugs

From Hollystalder on Etsy

Gosh it's been almost a week since my last post! Well I've been working on boring things, not worth posting about- trying to collate all our guests addresses ready for the invites, trying to navigate my way around Illustrator which can easily while away hours since I have no idea what I'm doing... but the invites are getting closer to being ready to put together. So stay tuned.

So back to today's Etsy finds... I've been thinking about how to add a little warmth to my wedding ensemble in the cool mountain evening.
How gorgeous is that shrug? And made from a recycled tablecloth! Maybe not warm, but so stunning! Love the colour too.

 Also from Hollystalder on Etsy

I love the ruffles on this one, so feminine but funky at the same time don't you think? I'm loving her work actually, she has some stunning dresses as well. Check them out.

From SweetKnitting on Etsy 

 What about a wool shrug? I love this one, Isn't it pretty? I love the way the collar sits up at the back. And you could dress it up a bit more with an amazing corsage.

From VintagePatternHouse on Etsy 

Here's a pattern so you can knit your own gorgeous bolero. Again you could jazz it up with a gorgeous handmade corsage. Very cost effective!

Or a beautiful vintage 1940's fur capelet. Elegant and classic. Fur may not be everyone cup of tea though hey.

I love them all! How do you choose? Well I don't think I can. I'm going to send some pic's of things I love to my gorgeous couture sewing, hand lace making, vintage queen and very special bridesmaid and ask if she can make me something amazing from recycled goodness. Ohh how exciting!


  1. This is so funny. I just wrote about this topic today on my blog! I found an Etsy shop that sells crocheted boleros and capelets.

    If you want to read it:


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