Oh great doily-ness!

Image by Gia Canali Via 100 layer Cake
It's no secret I love the humble doily. I really really love the myriad of clever ways people are reusing and reinventing them and they are featuring heavily in our wedding. Hence I am so inspired by this beautiful mountain wedding. Isn't her dress just stunning! She hand crocheted the doilies and constructed the dress herself. Amazing no? Is there nothing a doily can't do! Ah... it's simply stunning. T the green is so divine, and those shoes are just perfect! I never would have thought of putting those two colours together, but I love it. What a gorgeous bride hey? Just goes to show you don't need to spend thousands of dollars on a wedding dress to look amazing.


  1. I have seen this image before and think it is simply divine. The green fabric and the doilies look stunning.

  2. Beautiful Dress...unique and original
    Hope all your plans are going well...you're so innovative and clever.
    Now if I had my time again...
    I celebrated 21 years of love n marriage yesterday lol! Time flies when your having fun! Your wedding day will be soo special ;-D
    Julie x

  3. I had that shade of green in my wedding dress!

    That doily overlay dress is stunning. I'll add one to my lifelong to-do list...

  4. Doesn't that dress look amazing, she is beautiful. What a lovely wedding :-)

  5. Wow, that's beautiful. I'm completely jealous!

  6. I gasped the first time I saw that doily dress. It was too cute! I even have a friend who was willing to teach me how to crochet a doily so I could make a dress like that. But I decided not to do my dress, and instead have the doilies on the tables at the reception. (The dress is a little too much work for me. I won't need as many for the tables.)


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