Today.. ta da!

Today's little piece of craftiness is this simple wee flag... which in our case will be used for little goats cheese piccolos, but would be equally as good in cupcakes, mini savouries or anything that appears to lack flag style cuteness.

So easy to make- all you need is a roll of washi tape (which you can buy here, here or here) and some toothpicks. Fold Washi tape around the end of the toothpick and secure tightly, cut to desired length and snip a little v shape out of the end. Ta da!

This is great project for the weather we are having here today, freezing, with wind and rain interspersed with brief (very brief) moments of sunshine. It even snowed for about 2 minutes this morning while I was at the local opshop. One of the ladies exclaimed 'It's snowing!' and we all ran to the windows like children. So cute!


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