Hair and Holgas...

After yesterdays musings on photography, I was inspired start making some cushions- some of which will sit on the yet to be discovered awesome & affordable couch in the photo booth.
 I got these two done from and amazing vintage wool coat and some nice doilies. You can't tell from the photos, but it's the most lovely fabric- the tag said 70% wool, 30 % rabbit hair. Actually once I started making them I wished I hadn't cut it... it would have been great as a skirt or a cape. Oh well, I'm happy with the result! It also meant I used up some of the ton of stuffing I have stashed away from making toys. The next set of cushions will be from some hemp/yak hair fabric I've been saving.... I have a little hair thing going on...

I've also been researching the world of Holga's... can't believe I didn't know about this camera before! I have just invested in the wide angle and the cheapest normal Holga. I got them from Amazon, as that seemed to be the cheapest place (around $30- for a basic model). I think the wide angle will look amazing with the landscape of our venue, and be fabulous for group and crowd shots.

What I've leaned about the Holga so far is this...
The cheaper and dinkier your Holga the better. Don't go for a more expensive one as the cheap ones best create the effects that make Holga pics so dreamy and moody. It's a very basic plastic toy camera, and that's the joy of it. 
And don't bother getting one with a flash, because it's pretty useless apparently. Better to get any old cheap hotshoe flash for it (or borrow one).
You can use 35mm film in any Holga- just put some foam in the top and bottom of your film to hold it in place.
When you load your film do it in darkness then tape it shut with black tape to seal up the light leaks.
Hmm... yep that's a good start. Can't wait to get it and start playing around with it! Stay tuned for lots of ace Holga shots and some from our Lomo fisheye!


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