Not a caravan, but a tent my friend...

While looking for a new family tent on Ebay the other night we absolutely feel head over heels in love with this French, Andre Jamet 1970's masterpiece. We've been talking about needing a new tent for a while, and we marveled at how we found the perfect one on our first look. We just had to have it. After a few tense days of constant Ebay checking (Adam made the auction page his home page on his Blackberry)... she's ours!

Check out the curtains on the inside? Ah, definitely the best tent ever. So I can now be proud to say that yes, my first night as a married woman will be spent in a tent, but not just any tent.

Now I need to hit the flea markets and op shops to deck it out in full 70's style! Yeehah!


  1. Wow I love your tent....esp the curtains!! Have fun decking it out :-)

  2. Had one of these tents in the 70s. What a great tent. Unfortunately mice plague destroyed it. So upset. Wish I could get another.


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