The origami crane breeding program

So I've been folding cranes every chance I get... mostly in front of the wire or true blood in the evenings as Charlie likes to grab them and scrunch them up if I do them during the day. I have lost quite few precious cranes to Charlie's destructive tiny little hands. If I don't make it a thousand, I can blame her.

I think it's a nice little pile.... but there's a long way to go.... am I crazy doing this?


  1. I think this is a beautiful idea--not crazy at all.

    I tried to make one of these last week, and somehow the wings went down instead of up--aargh. Yours are much nicer!

  2. I love that idea and I have just found some origami paper that G'ma had sent for the boys a few years ago and I even managed to make a crane!!! I will make a few more to sent to you for the wedding.....just keep folding, just keep folding :-)

  3. I love making paper cranes, and it's a great decorating idea for your wedding! Are you going to string them on cord and hang them up?

  4. I am going to string them up onto three wire rings and make a chandelier. At least that's the plan! :)


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