Nestling In

I've been MIA lately and have sadly been neglecting my dear blog and my wedding duties. We've had school holidays and visitors most weekends and social engagements lined up and we've been looking for land to build our house on with renewed enthusiasm and Adam has been working late and the kids have been tired and ratty.... We have all been feeling rather exhausted to be honest. So I've been focusing my energy on our little family to try to bring things back into balance. Sometimes you just have to drop everything and focus on feathering your nest, hey?

The felt nest & knitted hearts above were made by a lovely local girl, Amanda, and it's going to be used for the rings. Now, I just have to make the rings... lol. Oh so much to do!


  1. Just found your blog! And am now following. :) I hope to get married within the next year or so, and your craftiness and thrift are very inspiring!


  2. I love the little nest! So cute!

  3. Oh yay Kate! I look forward to chatting with you more!


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