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My mum always used to say that bed was the best place to be.
In those days I was jumping out my bedroom window at night and getting up all sorts of mischief and I thought to myself, bed? The best place to be? Huh... I don't think so woman!
Now I'm not so sure she was completely crazy.
Well okay she was definitely crazy, but not entirely wrong about the whole bed thing. At least not when you have one of these to snuggle up to, especially in the wee hours of chilly winter darkness.
In these moments I tend to agree with her, tucked up in bed really is the best place to be.

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  1. what an adorable pic I can see why this would make you agree with your mum : )

    Also I am loving the yellow mixmaster and teacosy in one of the below posts!!

  2. Oh that is beautiful. I have a book for my little Charlie, it is called "Charlie". A golden book, do you have it already?

  3. oohh no we don't have that one Neen. Sounds exciting!

    Handmade Romance- I used the yellow mixmaster for the first time the other night to make chocolate self saucing pudding (YUM!) and discovered that it is haunted! Possibly by a really strung out 1950's housewife who is yet to discover the joys of Valium. It's stuck on super high speed and can't be adjusted!

  4. Thanks for sharing this photo


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