Charlie's Great Grandma's Patchwork

It's gettin pretty cold here now, especially in our ice box of a home so I decided little Charlie needs a snuggly doona. She only spends the first part of the night in her cot, but I want to make sure she's toasty roasty.
I really wanted to use this hand stitched patchwork that my mother in law passed on to me for Charlie. It belonged to her great grandmother and middle name sake Evelyn. It's so beautiful...and hand stitched! It was too big for a cot, probably better for a single bed, So I used a very wide straight stitch to tack it to some fleece so I can un-stitch it later and back it properly. I filled with an old wool quilt I had that wanted to recycle and wa-la! Snug as a bug in a rug :)


  1. The quilt is gorgeous and certainly looks very snuggly indeed!

  2. Thanks.. I was so over the moon with joy when she gave it me, actually she gave me two, the other has hexagonal shapes, also handsewn! Probably made the person who made it blind...

  3. Lucky Charlie. It's so beautiful


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