Happy Mothers Day!

Love to all mama's new and practiced!
Here I am spending my day in bed... with a hangover after a beautiful wedding last night, breakfast in bed lovingly prepared my wonderful man, a beautiful Lea Stein brooch as a gift a few hours of rest and special mums day dinner (homemade pasta with a carbonara sauce and tarte tartin- my favourite meal :)... a perfect day!

Earlier I pictured a half finished doll.. and here she is whole & complete.
I've called her Ruby Rose, partly due to her gorgeous coloured wool felt hair and partly because a friend of our has recently had a beautiful baby girl of that name :)
She has a gorgeous NZ Merino wool scarf and boots and I used this amazing antique 20's trim I inherited for her belt. Will have to get a close up of that later. She looks kinda Scottish I think...


  1. My pleasure. I have just worked out how to receive comments on your comments. It's a bit of a silly process though!!


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