Pinnys, rompers, playsuits and jerkins

I recently aquired these amazing Enid Gilchrist pattern books from the 60's (or maybe late 50's?). I've been poring over them... I love it!! The language for example 'Tiny girls can look just as smart as big sister in a gay set of matadors', the cute kids and the nostalgia of it all. Bonnets and babies wearing rompers with nothing but a pair of gumboots!
I think I will start with the 'one piece pinny' and move on to the pleated sunfrock.
I've sticky-noted about 30 patterns for Adam to draw out for me on CAD and according to Enid I can make Charlie's entire wardrobe!
SO excited!!!!


  1. An addiction is born! My collection is up to 55! If you'd like to visit my Enid blog you'll see a few of the designs made up :)

  2. Oh my god Tracey!!!
    So amazing... you have so many! I wanna be just like you lol.
    My first attempt will be the one piece pinny with the puppet on the front (I won't do the puppet though)that I see you have done.
    I'm not very good with bias binding though so we will see how it goes!


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