A wonderful weekend of collecting...

We just had a wonderful weekend down on the Peninsula at Rye and of course hit some markets and op shops while were there. These are some of my fabulous finds! Firstly and most excitingly I met a couple who owned a haberdashery store from the 50's to the early 90's and they were selling off all the old stock.... oh my god, amazing!!!! I was heaven :) I got lots of random haberdashery items, all 50c each! And whole cards of vintage embroidered trims for $5- each! Apparently they have even more goodies at home and if I could get someone to lend me some money... I'd go down and buy the whole lot!
I also had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful elderly couple at the Tootgarook Market who were kind enough to invite me to their home and show me their incredible collections of ceramics, vintage toys, rock and roll memorabilia, bakelite radios and most importantly for me mixmasters! Oh my god it was absolute heaven for an antique and vintage lover like me. Their house was full from top to toe, front to back with wonderful old things.
I've always wanted a yellow mixmaster for my kitchen but they have always been way out of my price range. Now they had 30 mixmasters, all different colours and models and were kind enough to sell me this beauty for $80-. It even has the ceramic juicer attachment. I'm in love :)
And lastly a lovely crocheted tea cosy for my tea pot made by a lovely woman at the same market.
I recommend checking this market out, it's enormous and has everything. There is even a really great op-shop (the best on the peninsula I'm told) across the road.

What more could you want?


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