House of straw- phase 1.

My apologies for the over exposure- it was clearly too early on a monday morning (and after Mr Lovely's 40th, but that deserves a whole other post!) for me and I had the camera on the wrong setting! These were the only two I could rescue from the actual pour which happened early monday morning. Otis was beside himself with all the trucks and busy workmen. Mum & Dad pretty excited too actually...

Later that afternoon this is how it looked!

And Escher and Charlie got to lie in their bedrooms!

As our slab is going to be completely exposed we were originally going to grind and polish it- but in the end we decided to save ourselves $20k and just get it burnished instead, which, it actually turns out I like much better. The polishing looks a bit too corporate, like a foyer on Collins St. This finish is a lot more industrial looking, much more in keeping with the overall style of the straw house I think. Overall we are super happy with how it has turned out :)
Next week.... framing!


  1. Wow I didnt realise your new home was to be made from straw bales. And concrete floors- love the look and practicality of them too.
    I'd love to one day build and live in my own straw bale house.

  2. Zara you inspired me to create a page about our straw house- it has plans and such if you'd like to have a squizz :)
    I hope that our journey inspires you in yours!
    xx t

  3. I can't wait to see how your house progresses, I'm so interested in straw bale homes.


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