Grand designs action!

Gloriously the first few days of spring here have been fabulously sunny and warm. The feeling of absolute elation that comes with the first kiss of sun on your bare skin makes the long cold winter months seem worthwhile. Absolute bliss I tell you!

And with the good weather comes tradesmen! I simply cannot convey the joy I felt at the sight of a bunch of utes parked on our block- it means it's finally happening! We've had the plumbers, electricians and concreters doing their thing, getting everything ready for the slab to be poured. This is slightly nerve wracking as its the single most expensive piece of the build- you wanna be sure its done right. Lucky I'm married to a surveyor who can check that everything is accurate down to a few millimeters! 
So now we just need two clear days to pour the concrete and burnish the top- the weather charts say possibly Monday & Tuesday, so fingers crossed!

And while the boys took care of that I stuck to what I know,  gardening!
I dug this lovely big bed and planted a row of silver birch to throw a touch of lovely dappled shade on the lawn, and dwarf cherry at each end to add some pretty spring colour.
In front of them I started the planting of a citrus grove with a ruby red grapefruit (for use with vodka) and two satsuma mandarins (good for cold climates). 

Oh happy day, having my hands covered in that beautiful red soil, listening to the sweet sounds of a building site and imagining the loveliness to come.

I hope your spring (or autumn) so far has been just as lovely!


  1. What an exciting adventure you are on. I'm very impressed that you have planted trees already, often neglected by many people building.


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