From little things...

Its coming along right?! 
It has a frame! Today the boys have started on the internal walls. I can see it pop up over the little crest as I'm driving down there and it gives me a little thrill every time I see it :) It looks like an actual house know don't you think? Being able to stand inside it and walk through the rooms is amazing and the best part is, I can't find any faults with our plan! Yay! I'm so very glad now that we drew and redrew a million times to get it right. It was frustrating at the time, but so worth it.

Also we recently found out that the owners of our current home are returning in mid December. That means we'll be living in some sort of tent / caravan / shipping container arrangement behind the house until it is finished. That should be interesting. How will I live without the internets? Potentially without a shower! With builders there at 6am. How does a baby nap on a building site? Exactly how many different meals can you make on a bbq? Do you have experience with these types of problems? Gee I'd love some advice ;) I'm kinda worried but also pretty excited as it will just be so fabulous be living there, on our land, close to our house. We'll see, I'm sure there will be some ups and downs!


  1. Oh wow. It must feel so real now.
    Sorry no experience with living in a tent etc. I guess keeping it simple and basic will be the best- simple food, furniture, clothes.
    I'll stay on the lookout for bbq cookbooks for you.

  2. Thanks Zara! I'm still hoping a interim place to stay will pop up! fingers crossed ;)


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