We has a building permit!!

Terrible photo I know, I've not had a shower (is that vegemite on my nose?) & I don't have a photographer (the 3yr old is so not interested...) but people I am SO bloody excited! We finally have our building permit! This feels so absolutely momentous- after what feels like an eternity in the planning stage we are about move into some actual physical building. Holy hell. Let the grand designs nightmares begin! 

Just after my post yesterday I went to pick up what I thought was one of my million Ebay purchases from the post office... and it was a big fat beautiful council envelope. I actually squealed (seriously!) and did a little happy dance right there in front everyone. We bought a bottle of champagne, but were too tired to drink it by the time all the kids were tucked up in bed. So we spent the evening collating our quotes and tweaking our costings spreadsheet ('cause thats how we roll...) and then of course I couldn't sleep as my mind was racing- ideas swarming my brain. Oh my god! We are building our house!!??? Oh my god, I am now officially a project manager.... eek! I'm on a bit of a high right now, can ya tell?

So one more hurdle to jump- finance. Hopefully that won't take long. Our fantastic builder, the wonderful Mr strawbale maestro, James Henderson (you can check him out here if you are interested), is ready and waiting. Yay yay yay yay yay!!!

I'll leave you with these cute images I found on the weekend in my friends cafe Grigons & Orr (great cafe, you should check it out sometime if you are in Melbourne ;)

Seriously cute huh? God I love 50's architecture, I'd totally build that now! If only it would cost that little!! Have a wonderful day friends :)


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