Sewing machine love.

Hey! How was your Easter? Well, I spent Easter Monday with my new boyfriend.
Yes, that's right! He's quite a bit older than me, but man is he in great shape.

We are totally in love.

He's an old industrial Singer sewing machine, that my dear husband had stashed away in the shed. I always knew he was there, but he had a scary looking frayed cord, that I presumed too ancient to be fixable. Of course I once again underestimated the creative powers of my dear Mr Lovely and a trip to the hardware store and few cable ties later he was up an running like a dream. Oh except when the foot got stuck and I started screaming because I couldn't make him stop- but nothing a little lube couldn't fix.

He stitches leather as though it were silk and doesn't miss a beat when I feed four layers of heavy wool through him. Ahhhh why did I wait so long to be near your Mr Singer? You make my expensive Janome look and feel like a tinker toy. Imagine all the things we can do together? I hope this isn't just a fling Mr Singer, I really wanna go steady, so please don't break my heart.


  1. Gorgeous, that new boyfriend of yours!

  2. You crack me up -
    Where can I get me a little Mr. Singer action? 4 layers of heavy wool sounds HOT!! xo


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